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Your journey begins in the most extraordinary setting you could imagine. Combining the best experiences of a private safari lodge with the charm of the camp, your journey will be unique and unforgettable.

Zulu Camp is built in traditional Zulu style with streams from the nearby river running through the camp. Your adventure starts as you stand on the deck overlooking the river that is home to many animal species. The sound of birdcalls echo across the water, and in the late afternoon you might hear the plaintive call of the fish eagle as the hippos return to wallow in the river.

In Africa we love telling stories of our experiences and sharing our knowledge of the African bush, of adventures and unforgettable animal encounters, our customs and our heritage. We are passionate about Africa and we share that passion with our guests. When you embark on an African safari you will soon discover that it is a life-changing adventure where our story becomes a part of your own.

The remarkable setting of the camp reflects your stay of luxurious comfort. Your journey will be a holistic experience, ideal for quiet contemplation. Here you are free to spend your time as you wish. It is within this beautiful setting that one has a chance to reflect and gain a true understanding of the connection we have with our environment. We have created a place with heart and soul that will inspire our guests to take home a lasting memory of the world they have visited.

At Zulu Camp the unhurried atmosphere, combined with the natural beauty of the surroundings, creates a romantic backdrop for an idyllic bush retreat.

Whether you discover it in the bush, the mountains or the silence; whether you feel it in the air or see it in the magnificent, proud wildlife of this land, your own paradise is here, deep within the heart and soul of Shambala.